Droid Rhino for Android

Droid Rhino for Android
is available today!

Droid Rhino on Android phones and tablets

View Rhino models on 766 phones and tablets, including yours

We just launched the Droid Rhino app so you can view your models anytime, anywhere, with any Android device.

Pan, zoom and rotate with a tap or drag of your finger. The handy navigator lets you scroll through thumbnails, so you can quickly jump to any model you want.

Load Rhino and 3DM models from websites, Google Drive, Dropbox or email attachments.

Features at a glance

Available on 766 devices

Full 3D compatibility

We've built the app from the ground up to make sure that you can take advantage of Android's multitude of choice. Thus, Rhino can be installed and used on 766 Android devices, ranging from medium end phones to high end tablets.

There is nothing like showing off your designs and ideas in 3-D. Now, with the accessibility of most Android phones and tablets you can ensure anyone who wants to use the 3D models can do so easily.

Enhanced interactions

Mobility & efficiency

Now you can browse thumbnails of the Rhino files on your device. Zoom, Pan and Rotate very large models quickly so you can show off even the most complex 3D designs.

We've kept in mind that most of our customers want integrations for their files so we've built a Google Drive & Dropbox integration and an option to open email attachments.

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Developed by ThinSlices, a mobile product development
company and an official Rhino 3D partner.
You can find out more on our website
or get our free guide and resources on our blog.